Balancer machineバランサーマシン|独自の測定技術を駆使し、ワークに最適化したバランス修正装置を製作。バランス測定と修正を1台で、かつ自動で実施し作業効率を向上。不良の原因を初期段階で解決します。|Making maximum use of our in-house measuring technology,we fabricate balance correction equipment optimized for the target work piece.One machine unit measures and corrects the balance in an automated process that streamlines the work process.This also eliminates causes of defects while still in their early stage.Crank Shaft Balancer Machine クランクシャフトバランサーマシン
Index Machineインデックスマシン|世界屈指の厳密な精度を誇る、部品加工の位置決め・割り出し装置。あらゆる仕様のワークに対応する高速で高精度な位置決め性能は、業界内で高い評価を得ています。

Positioning and indexing devices for part machining
that are second to none for strict measurement specs
High-speed positioning performance along
with high precision on all types of work pieces
has won us high acclaim within the industry.

Upper,Lower Brg.Drilling&Milling M/C Photo Upper,Lower Brg.Drilling&Milling M/C

小形Compressor用Side Plateの穴明、ネジ立て、溝入れ加工を行う8ステーションインデックスマシンです。

This 8 station indexing machine cuts grooves, drills and taps side plates for small-size compressors.

Rotary Index Machineiインデックスマシン
This 4-station and 26-position indexing machine does precision machining including drilling, reaming, tapping at 26 locations on vehicle engine parts.
Rotary Index Machinei Photo
Rotary Index Machineiインデックスマシン
This is a fully automated rotary index machine that machines dozens of construction part types (inserts) with an automatic feed robot and sorts the products into different containers.
Rotary Index Machinei Photo
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