Machining centerマシニングセンター|ワークをテーブルに固定したまま、フライス加工・中ぐり加工・ねじ立てなど異なる一連の作業を1台で処理。新進のコンピュータ制御技術により、マシニングラインの省人化・無人化を推進します。|Here one machine runs a series of different machining tasks including milling,boring and tapping with the work piece clamped to the table.Advanced computer control is making these machining lines more automated and labor-free.
Mus Compact Drilling Module Machine Photo
Mus Compact Drilling Module Machine|MUS型小型ドリリングモジュールマシン
Low cost and compact design, this machine was built to be rugged and compact and deliver both high-speed and high-precision.
TUS General-purpose turrent Machine Photo
TUS General-purpose turrent Machine|TUS型汎用タレットマシン
Select machining centers in different needed combinations, for example, shuttle tables and index tables that also boast low running costs.
Compact Drilling Module Machines Photo
Compact Drilling Module Machines|小型ドリリングモジュールマシン
This fits two triaxial modules into a compact size. It can machine and process many part types.

Machining Center Line(independent conveyance)|マシニングセンター(独立搬送式)
Machining Center Line Photo
Tools and jigs|治具


At Yamazaki we design and manufacture original tools and jigs that match company needs by taking advantage of on-site machining skills and an integrated system process capable of simultaneous machine unit design. We continually boost production efficiency starting from core technologies that form the machine itself.

Machining Center Line(transport by conceyor)|マシニングセンター(コンベア搬送)
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