Unit Dedicated machine tool units|専用工作機械用ユニット


lineup includes over 500 units for flexible line changes in multi-model small-lot production system

Modern needs tend toward diversity and unique features, and the industry wants production systems to meet those needs. This is a challenge to create a balance of both individual production aimed at higher added value and mass production aimed at efficiency. Yamazaki can meet and beat this tough challenge with over 500 dedicated tool unit variations. Machine tools are the basic elements in production systems. These tool units are now products that can be freely combined as needed. These will prove essential elements for speedily building up freely combinable production lines.

YMT turret head|YMT型タレットヘッド
This high-performance hydraulic turret head uses Yamazaki's unique W&B system as the core of the indexing mechanism. This unit boasts not only indexing accuracy of ±5 seconds and repeatability of ±3 seconds but also excellent toughness, durability, and load capacity. The AC spindle motor enables any type of machining: hole drilling, reaming, spot-facing, trapping, as well as milling and boring. We design and build spindle heads and fabricate any required feed unit to meet customer requests.
TWB index table|TWB型インデックステーブル
This high-performance hydraulic indexing table uses Yamazaki's unique W&B system as the core of the indexing mechanism. This unit boasts not only an indexing accuracy of ±5 seconds and repeatability of ±3 seconds, but also excellent toughness, durability, and load capacity. This unit is ideal for dedicated index type machines, machining centers, etc.
WB double wedge ring|WB型ダブルウエッジリング


This ultra-high precision indexing master uses the patented W&B system with a simple structure of precision steel balls and V grooves on the inner and outer rings. It serves as a master rotation position indexer for a wide range of applications including index tables, turret heads, cutting tool posts, etc. It also comes in a split type and a linear type with the grooves and steel balls arrayed in a straight line.

■ 標準ユニット

BHX spindle head|BHX型スピンドルヘッド
テーパーローラベアリングとアンギュラベアリングを使用した精密スピンドルヘッドで、あらゆる穴ぐり・ミーリング加工等に最適です。オーバーハング型のBHX-※※※-H型、特殊タイプのプルスタッド式、パワーチャック付等も用意しております。(主軸径 35? 150)
This precision spindle head uses tapered roller bearings and angular ball bearings. It is ideal for all types of boring, milling, and other machining tasks. Yamazaki offers an overhang-type BHX-***-H model, a special pull stud type, models with power chucks, and many other models (spindle diameter 35-150 mm).
YSBE feed unit|YSBE型フィードユニット
These electric motor driven units with precision ball screws are available in a total of 20 models that come in 5 table widths from 200 to 600 mm and strokes from 150 to 800 mm.
Multi-spindle unit|多軸ヘッド
We custom design and fabricate multi-spindle units to meet customer specs for a specific number of required axes and axial position.

Cross feed unit|クロスフィードユニット
Yamazaki designs and manufactures a variety of cross feed units including hydraulic, electric motor, and hybrid hydraulic/electric motor types.
Horizontal type flexible machining unit|横型マシニングセンタ
The FMU series are horizontal type flexible machining units designed to easily build up flexible machining lines.v
Horizontal type flexible machining unit Photo
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